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VoiceSpin is the proud communication solution provider for over 500 companies around the world. The industries in which VoiceSpin has integrated communication solutions includes small and large companies from ecommerce, finance, sales, Contact Centers, city municipalities, high tech companies, telecom, legal, government, food, health and more.

We want to thank our clients for choosing VoiceSpin are their communication solution provider. Despite having many clients from various industries, each one receives the utmost care and attention from our dedicated staff and we are proud to say that we have long-lasting relationships with many of our clients that are based on friendship and mutual desire for success. We thank these clients and hope for many more years of high quality service and ongoing communication.

See some of our key projects:

Pizza Hut – International pizza chain, Pizza Hut, selected VoiceSpin to provide communication solution services to the hundreds of thousands of clients they cater to on a daily basis. The VoiceSpin solution included integration of VoiceSpin’s Contact Center, IVR call recording and built in BI system.

Local Municipalities – In an effort to connect local municipalities and improve the service residents receive, as well as reduce city hall expenditure, VoiceSpin integrated the IP Contact Center solution in the Kfar Saba and Beitar Elit municipalities.

Amsalem Global Travel Management – Amsalem Tours is a leading international travel management company with over 400 employees worldwide. VoiceSpin partnered with Amsalem to provide communication services including IP Contact Center, IVR recording and more. The Amsalem Contact Center connects the various Amsalem branches in Europe and North America through Amazon Web Services.

Large Corporate Company with systems integrated within the 012 Smile Internet Company – VoiceSpin worked with one of the largest corporations that provides services to 012 Smile in order to integrate the largest SIP system in Israel. The system includes IVR services and provides management and support for over 1000 simultaneous calls.

RadWare – RadWare is one of the largest global providers of integrated application delivery and network security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers. The VoiceSpin solution for RadWare includes IP center that connects the international branches of RadWare as well as integration with Skype communication.

Clalit – The leading healthcare service organization in Israel wanted to enhance their customer service center with the help of VoiceSpin. The provided solution included call recording, appointment management and patient data history storage in a smart SIP solution that connected the various health centers across Israel.

NRG Binary – The internationally renowned private trading and investment company needed a call center that would include a smart dialer that integrated with their existing CRM system. VoiceSpin provided a central desk that distributed calls to the relevant sales team (English Desk, Arabic Desk etc.) and automated the system by which calls were directed to available representatives, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the lead management funnel, giving employees more time to close transactions, thus increasing revenue.

Any Option – Another leading binary trading company, the VoiceSpin solution for Any Option included a smart dialer and international call center that was able to direct calls and integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing sales and CRM systems. With the help of VoiceSpin, Any Option was able to direct calls and record them with ease, ensuring maximum employee efficiency.

Shirbit – A large-scale insurance provider for personal, home and car coverage, Shirbit wanted to provide customers with an automated way to check the status of their claims. VoiceSpin provided that solution as well as provided comprehensive connectivity with a call center and router system that directed and recorded calls.

Halman-Aldubi Investment House – Halman-Aldubi is one of the most established private investment firms in Israel. They worked with VoiceSpin to create a call and sales center that generates reports and records calls as well as integrates the VoiceSpin solution with their existing CRM. The complete solution provides screen pop-ups when a new call came in as well as automated dialing directly from the existing CRM system.

Leumi Card – An internationally recognized payment and credit card provider, Leumi Card required a large-scale communication solution to manage over 1000 simultaneous calls in the event of an emergency, largely due to their previous system collapsing in the past when a hacker breached many banking systems and concerned clients called the center to no avail. They opted for a VoiceSpin solution able to manage simultaneous calls during emergency situations as well as connect to their existing Oracle ERP system. By connecting with the IVR provided by Genesys and the Avaya call center already in place, the VoiceSpin solution for Leumi Card provides the complementary solution to ensure that their call center can withstand large volumes as well as ensure that calls are routed through a smart navigation system that automatically checks the customer’s account information, so clients arrive to the representative best suited to assist their needs.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – VoiceSpin provides communication solutions for one of the most well-known universities in Israel, enhancing their call center and integrating with their CRM system so interested students can be easily added to the system and contacted with ease. The VoiceSpin solution also included call recording and a proxy system that holds a student’s place in line if there is a large volume of calls and returns the call when it is their turn. By integrating these systems, the universities can focus on registering students and expanding their enrollment thanks to the VoiceSpin solution.