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The dedicated VoiceSpin team, which is comprised of IP communication experts, Asterisk and Linux programmers, C programmers, hardware personnel and more, work together to provide companies with technologically rich communication solutions that seamlessly integrate with your company communication demands.
Meet the bright minds that are leading VoiceSpin to the future of VoIP communication technologies:

Meir Grinspun (CTO)

Guiding the technological vision of VoiceSpin is CTO Meir Grinspun who is one of the three founders of VoiceSpin. Meir has over a decade of experience in communication solution and programming and it is through his understanding of VoIP capabilities that VoiceSpin is able to provide advanced communication solutions for over 500 companies around the world. The dedication and love for communication Meir possesses is reflected in the way he leads the programming and development of the VoiceSpin products.

David Lubarsky (COO)

David Lubarsky is one of the founders of VoiceSpin and serves as the COO of the company. David has a decade of experience in management and a successful track record of developing complex communication systems. Proir to joining VoiceSpin, David served as a systems engineer for large scale telecommunication providers such as Floware and Alvarion where he instilled solutions for wireless communication problems. David has an M.Sc in Practical Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and a B.Sc in Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Rommy El Ami (CEO)

Rommy El Ami, the third founder of VoiceSpin, is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in CRM systems, Data based marketing, management and business development. Prior to founding VoiceSpin in 2006, Rommy successfully founded three companies including BI company Hypatia which served as the foundation for VoiceSpin solutions. As the CEO of VoiceSpin, Rommy has successfully led the company to its position as global leader in SIP while remaining true to his belief that clients are a company’s most valued asset. Rommy is a leading expert in technological solutions for Contact Centers and serves as a Senior Advisor for Analyst CRM systems in Israel. Rommy holds an MBA and B.Sc. in Industrial Management from Tel Aviv University.