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VoiceSpin’s VoIP systems offer a range of features and functionality.  Ultimately, we tailor all our products to match the exact needs of your business infrastructure.  Our complete business VoIP solution runs on PCs and servers, embedded system and in the cloud and does not require any additional operating system.

Compare VoiceSpin to Traditional Telephony Systems


VoiceSpin IP-PBX Traditional Phone Systems
License Fees 1 license per PBX 1 license per user
Number of parallel calls Unlimited Limited
Supported phones Choose your own vendor Limited to PBX manufacturers’ phones
Scalability Simply add additional phones Need to purchase additional licenses
Easy configuration No expert in-house staff needed Expert staff required for ongoing management and maintenance
Integration with other business applications Supports open interfaces for easy integration Closed proprietary system – integration impossible or very costly
Hardware Hardware independent Proprietary hardware

First Class Business Telephony Solutions

VoiceSpin offers more than 50 state-of-the-art business features for VoIP.

Choose Your Own IP Phones

VoiceSpin products support a broad range of IP phones giving your business the flexibility to work with existing products and/or choose the vendors that work best for you.

Call Forwarding/Call Through

Forwarding your business calls to your mobile phone is easy and convenient and allows businesses to help their employees remain accessible when and where they want to, even when they are not in the office.   Call through services allows employees to ‘call in’ and make business calls using their mobile phone through their normal work extension, allowing them to work remotely while keeping their mobile number private.

Night Switch

VoiceSpin’s system will automatically answer your calls outside of your normal business hours. Customers are greeted with an interactive phone menu and can leave a voicemail or be redirected to an emergency number.

Voicemail and Call Notifications

Receive voicemail and call notifications directly to your email.  VoiceSpin’s system lets you access your voicemails via PC, tablet or smartphone so you can check your messages on the go.

Conference Calling

Create as many conference rooms as you want – from wherever you employees are working.  Each user can call in and record their name before they enter the conference call and other participants are notified when a user has entered or left the call.

Professional Call Recording

Call recording helps with quality assurance, training to help with customer satisfaction while offering monitoring to satisfy legal requirements assisting with securing necessary standards and with financial and legal services.  Set call recording for internal and external calls and choose between all extensions or select extensions.  Recordings are easy to store and access via web or FTP.

Fax Server

Now you can send and receive faxes without a physical fax machine without the need for any additional software.  VoiecSpin offers you the option of connecting your existing analog fax or using an integrated virtual fax for e-mail to fax and fax-to-e-mail.