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Secure Cloud Business Telephony Systems

An increasing number of businesses are opting for cloud-based services including email, storage and enterprise management tools.  Cloud-based SaaS (Sotware as a Service) offer businesses easier to manage and more affordable services without the need to compromise on security and safety.  VoiceSpin makes cloud phone services simple and secure with our tailor-made hosted VoIP PBX phone systems.

Our cloud-based (also called “hosted” or “Saas – Software as a Service”) VoIP telephony systems offers a complete end-to-end hosted phone service that is easy to manage.  Your customers will feel the difference! Cloud hosting offers you a feature-rich, scalable solution that saves your business from the unnecessary added expenses of costly onsite equipment and ongoing maintenance fees.  Because our services is hosted in the cloud, you also don’t have to worry about spending lots of money on a system that will quickly become obsolete; you can continually benefit from our ongoing system updates free of charge.

Better Focus Your IT Resources 

Ultimately, our cloud-based business telephony systems offer you an all-inclusive service that let’s you save money on IT resources that would otherwise be dedicated only to business phone administration and not your key business initiatives.  VoiceSpin’s cloud-based VoIP system frees up your IT team to focus on projects related to your core business.

Increased Flexibility – We Grow With You

Your business is always changing and growing and VoiceSpin’s cloud-based system will adapt to the needs of your business.  On-site systems are very limiting.  Firstly, they’re difficult to move to new locations. Secondly, adding users is costly.  Thirdly, new features (e.g., integrating into outside business applications) require expensive upgrades.  Our cloud-based system eliminates all of these limitations and grows together with you as your business evolves.

A Built-In Disaster Recovery Plan For your Phone System

Protect your business’s voice! Knowing how to secure and back-up your data is mission-critical for any business.  However, most businesses do not have a recover plan in place for their phone system.  Creating such a system with an on-site telephony system is expensive and highly complex, causing most businesses to just take their chances and hope for the best.  VoiceSpin’s cloud-based model offers you disaster recovery plan that’s part of your existing system’s infrastructure.  Our plans are created to help you access your system in the event of a loss of connectivity or in the event that you cannot access your physical phone system.  This eliminates the problem of your customers ever receiving a busy signal – a sign that most people associate with a company being out of business.

Unmatched Level of Security and Data Protection

VoiceSpin’s cloud-based telephony systems secure your data in our cloud, allowing you to access your system wherever you are and enjoy increased employee productivity and heightened mobility across your entire business.   Our advanced cloud-based system also lets larger businesses opt for a single solution that unifies all communication systems (e.g., phone, fax, HD video, web and audio conferencing), across all sites – on a global level!

The base of our cloud system is a fully redundant and scalable highly advanced, convergent network built on a robust fiber-optic core.  Our customers enjoy feature-rich, secure telephony system with higher voice quality and unmatched reliability without needing to purchase costly equipment or be locked into expensive maintenance contracts.