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The Advantages of IP Telephony

IP telephony offers significant advantages over traditional analog (legacy) systems. They cost less and offer a wide range of features simply not available on traditional systems.  IP PBX systems are much easier to install and configure than proprietary phone systems and they don’t limit your company to a certain number of phones or users.

One of the main advantages of an IP PBX is that this system employs data across the Internet, VoIP communications and traditional telephone communications, converging them into a single line for each user.  This scalable and flexible infrastructure makes it easier for companies to easily grow (or scale back) and reduces various operational costs.  IP PBX systems are owned and controlled by the enterprise so your company remains in control of your system at all times.

Reduced Operating Expenses & Avoid Vendor Lock-In

IP telephone systems greatly decrease monthly telecom expenses as VoIP services cost much less than traditional telecom services.  As IP PBXs are based on an open SIP standard, your company is free to choose any SIP vendor as opposed to proprietary phone systems, which require their own specific hardware and expensive extension modules for advanced features.

Improved Communications Efficiency 

When data and voice communication are united inside a single highly reliable platform, the efficiency of your communication systems is greatly improved.  The use of IP telephone also allows for conference calling between offices and remote locations.

Integration to PC Systems

Integration IP telephones with PC systems allows for video telephone, videoconferencing, integration to CRM software, VPN allows you to use your phone extension outside of the office, and more.  Web-based GUI interfaces also make your phone system easier to manage, cutting down training time and facilitating increased worker productivity.

IP Phones Can Be Used as Terminals for Other Systems

IP phones serve as terminals for other applications which otherwise would require their own systems.  This includes, but is not limited to: video surveillance and security systems; lighting control terminals; air conditioning and heating control terminals and more.

Increased Mobility & Flexibility 

WiFi IP phones allow for increased mobility across your premises without relying on wires and connection to sources of electricity; you can completely eliminate phone wiring! IP PBX systems facilitate the process of easily moving workspaces, which is becoming increasingly more relevant to today’s global, fast-paced organization.

Now, you can receive calls in remote locations, without having to rely on traditional telecommunications infrastructure.

Increase Productivity & Provide Better Customer Service 


Computer-based IP PBX systems let you integrate your phone functions with various business applications, allowing for more streamlined operations.  With an IP PBX system, for example, a customer record will automatically display when a new call comes in, helping your staff to improve customer service and reduce time spent per call.