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VoiceSpin Service (SLA) – Our Guaranteed Service

VoiceSpin is committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.

Our business-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA) serves as the backbone to this promise and guarantees our customers timely, efficient support and the highest level of system reliability.

Our SLA serves as a contractual agreement that specifically outlines the exceptional standards that we obligate ourselves to uphold.  Failing to meet these standards entitles our customer to credits or refunds, depending n the duration and severity of the issue experienced.  Many service providers do not offer an SLA but we see this important contract as being key to putting our money were out mouth is.

Our SLA covers:

  • Commitment to on-time installation and delivery
  • System uptime of 99.95%
  • Fast responsiveness for support requests
  • Reporting intervals
  • Resolution times

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our system is built to help support customer satisfaction as your number one priority as well.  As such, we provide guaranteed system up-times and contractually stand behind our promise to provide fast and effective responses to your every need.   Our commitment to creating an extraordinary service experience is what differentiates VoiceSpin from other similar providers.  Great services also keeps our customer coming back for more and referring us to other businesses.  In addition to our SLA, we constantly ask our customers for feedback, as we know that even the best service can always be better.

Click here to access a current hardcopy version of our full SLA.