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Auto Dialer

An auto dialer, also referred to as an agent dialer or predictive dialer, is a technology that allows a telephone system to automatically dial numbers.  When the receiver of the call answers, they receive a recording message and/or the call is connected immediately to a live person.  This type of technology enables companies to dramatically increase their productivity, boost profits and improve overall productivity.

VoiceSpin’s patented, innovative technology will improve your contact center by boosting your sales potential.  Manual dial attempts take time and invite natural human errors (e.g., misdials, etc.).  Automated dialing detects and filters busy signals; fax machines; voice mail; disconnected lines; and no answers.  Think of the time and money your team will save when these processes move from being manual to automatic! Focus your resources on actually talking to real available contacts as opposed to wasting time trying to get them on the phone in the first place.

Our auto dialer technology can:

  • Instantly play a message once the phone is answered, automatically responding to a predicted follow-up question and then direct the customer to a live representative upon their request
  • Integrate email and SMS management in order to send, receive, direct auto-response recordings automatically
  • Upload feed records automatically into the auto dialer system and send contact outcomes directly into your CRM
  • Manage call pacing and regulation compliance
  • Use advanced algorithm to correctly calculate call volume and pace calls precisely (depending upon number of working live agents) to eliminate wait time when managing proactive customer contact initiatives and other types of high-volume campaigns
  • Agents can see outbound records before automatically making a call

With VoiceSpin’s auto dialer technology, you can optimize your campaigns better in order to focus more on other operational aspects of your contact center. This system helps you to save costs and makes sure that your customer representatives are constantly talking to customers.  VoiceSpin allows you to better optimize your campaigns so that the customer interactions will significantly increase and you will see an immediate increase in success rates.