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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Systems

An automatic call distribution (ACD) system distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals or agents based on a predefined customer type, need or a specific agent skill set.  This type of system helps to deliver the best customer experiences, helping to improve customer loyalty and overall business results.  VoiceSpin’s ACD system offers powerful inbound automatic call distribution routing capabilities for contact centers of all sizes in one modern and easy-to-use platform.

VoiceSpin’s cloud-based ACD service helps you to work without borders or boundaries.  Whether you have just one contact center or a multi-site network of contact centers distributed globally, including at-home or branch-office agents, our system treats your infrastructure as one unified environment.  All your agent needs is an Internet connection, a headset and a computer.  Your management team can supervise agent performance in real-time regardless of where they are located.

Our ACD platform quickly matches callers to the agents that can best help them.  This helps your contact center to achieve more efficient call resolution – saving time and lowering costs while maintaining a continual high level of customer satisfaction.  VoiceSpin’s ACD platform is available for inbound and outbound calling as well as call blending.   When call volume starts to increase and service level is at risk, your more valuable calls (“hot” calls) are automatically routed to outbound agents.  Your customers – especially the valuable ones – are never waiting.

Our ACD platform also offers a universal queue for multi-channel communications.   VoiceSpin’s system is compatible with IVR, chat, email, social media and more, and your customers are routed to the channel they choose – the one that makes it easiest for them to communicate with you!  This allows your company to manage control over how your customers interact with you while offering your customers more flexibility and a more personalized service.

Today’s highly functioning contact centers opt for skill-based routing for agents.  Your agents have specific strengths and weaknesses. Some have certain professional skills that others don’t while some have been with your company for longer while others might still be learning the ropes.  The VoiceSpin ACD system, based on your operational rules and definitions, helps to automatically route calls to specialized agents who can best serve your customers’ specific demands.  This keeps not only a high level of customer satisfaction, but it helps to prevent employee burnout, keeping your employees feeling motivated knowing that they can successfully perform at their jobs.

To make it easy or you to connect your customer data to your contact center platform, VoiceSpin offers full integration with all popular CRM software including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle RightNow, and more.  We even offer customized integration to your company’s proprietary software and our team of skilled engineers will work with your IT department to ensure a fast rollout and deployment.