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Call Proxy/Callback 

VoiceSpin’s call proxy feature has two important functions and is integral to the success of any sized contact center.  First, the call proxy offers a callback feature.  VoiceSpin uses a High Availability (HA) Asterisk SIP Proxy to improve load balancing. This helps the contact center to handle an increase volume of concurrent calls without affecting customer satisfaction.  The callback feature lets customers hang up after leaving a voice message or customer ID while their place in the queue is held.  The system prompts an automated call back when it is their turn and automatically directs them to the next available agent.  Instead of waiting on the line, customers can hang up knowing they’ll get a callback once it’s their turn to speak to a representative.

Secondly, call proxy restores ongoing calls in the event of a hardware or software glitch.  VoiceSpin’s call proxy ensures that the call doesn’t drop and both the caller and the agent continue the conversation without experiencing any issues whatsoever.  Software or hardware glitches are more common when call volume increases making this feature a very important safety net for your contact center.  Ensuring call survival is often mission-critical, especially when an agent is handling a customer problem or placing an order involving sensitive payment details. Our Asterisk SIP proxy prevents failover seamlessly as all calls are monitored for possible call disruptions so any problems are avoided automatically before they can even occur.

VoiceSpin’s open source framework makes it possibly to better integrate into your existing communications infrastructure.  This feature works together with our advanced queuing and skill-based routing capabilities.  We offer the call proxy/callback platform for both cloud and on-site installations to help your contact center improve load balancing regardless of your system architecture.  This platform is essential to the deployment of large-scale Asterisk-based contact centers and PBX systems.