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Speech Recognition/Text-to-Speech

VoiceSpin offers two powerful solutions for speech recognition as part of our contact center technology offerings: Automatic Speech Recognition (AST) and Text-to-Speech (TTS).  These technologies are designed to help you better manage your costs without impacting your customer experience.   Increased automation significantly reduces wait times and overall call duration, giving your customers the service they want in less time and increasing the productivity of your contact center team.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

VoiceSpin’s automatic speech recognition technology offers a small but powerful solution for businesses of all sizes.  Our highly accurate, ASR solution is a speaker-independent system that supports multiple languages.  Our technology gives your company the option of adding speech recognition to any application.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

VoiceSpin’s text-to-speech technology synthesizes spoken speech from written text to give your company the most realistic and natural sounding voices available today. Our high-quality, dynamic and personalized audio tool is designed to enhance customer interactions and is available in multiple languages.

Speech recognition tools offer different uses in today’s modern contact center.  The most popular use of this sophisticated technology is the speech-enabled call router or auto attendant.  Calls are automatically answered by an intelligent and welcoming automated system and your callers are always one step away from being routed to a live agent.  Speech-enabled call routing has helped many contact centers by reducing their operational costs and offering customers a smoother, faster and better experience.

Speech recognition is also used effectively for customer satisfaction surveys that help contact center managers to better track agent performance and built smarter success matrices.  Many companies also use speech recognition to allow customers to place track or make changes to orders placed online or over the phone.

VoiceSpin provides the highest level of professional technical support for all our products.  Our team of system experts will support you from deciding what technology is best for your business, to helping you with installation and integration and ongoing troubleshooting along the way.  If you require a more advanced application design, our team of engineers will work with you to fully customize our solution to meet your business needs.