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Voice/Screen Recordings

Each time a customer accesses your contact center and speaks with one of your representatives is a chance for you to gain valuable insights to improve your level of service.  Knowing what your customers want will help save you valuable time and for a customer, a faster and better contact center experience will translate to increase loyalty and a higher chance of speaking positively about your company to others.

VoiceSpin offers voice and screen recording technology based on business rules that you define.  You can capture voice and screen-based customer interactions and build a database from which to measure agent quality and performance as well as gain valuable insights on agent performance across different groups and locations.  Agents will be able to see and address quality issues in order to increase their individual performance and the overall productivity of your contact center.

This platform is also useful in fraud detection and preventing compliance breeches by helping you know if your agents are saying and doing the right things.  Having access to actual voice and screen recordings helps to reduce potential liability while detecting any suspicious activity that could involve sensitive customer information.

Our platform supports various telephony environments including traditional TDM, VoIP and hybrid networks.  Our scalable service grows alongside your contact center; giving you the service and support you need as your business continues to evolve. Our screen recording capability extends to video, chat and email and stores all recordings into a single, unified platform making it easier to adhere to changing regulatory guidelines and standardize operational practices across multiple channels.

VoiceSpin’s voice and screen recording platform is cloud-ready.  Unlike on-premise solutions, our cloud-based platform can handle thousands of concurrent IP streams simultaneously capturing, forwarding, recording and archiving in real time without the need for costly hardware or software limitations. All recording are encrypted using high-level 256-bit ES encryption and held security in our data centers. All the information stored can be safely and securely accessed and retrieved for playback from any web browser.