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VoIP Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, technology allows phone systems to process touch tones or voice waves during a call. When you hear a menu asking you to “press 1 for sales” or “dial the extension of the person you are looking for”, this is an IVR in action.  IVR systems are fully customizable and can play back dynamic audio or pre-recorded messages.  An IVR is sometimes referred to as a “digital receptionist”.

For a VoIP system, it’s important to have a VoIP IVR application in place.  VoIP IVR systems do not require expensive telephony hardware needed for traditional IVR systems.  It’s important to note that callers cannot tell the difference between a regular phone number and a VoIP number when calling into a VoIP contact center.

Our VoIP IVR can:

  • Automatically transfer calls to the relevant party according to the caller’s needs
  • Handle simple transactions
  • Provide an efficient and cost-effective way to conduct surveys and polls (e.g., gathering feedback on customer service)

IVR systems are used when businesses are looking to reduce costs and improve customers’ experiences.  These systems allow customers to receive valuable information any time of night or day, 7 days a week, without the need to employ human support agents around the clock.

VoiceSpin’s VoIP IVR offering is flexible, scalable and helps you to considerably lower your business’s operational costs.  VoIP provides considerably benefits including lower calling costs and the option to handle thousands of calls automatically, at the same time without needing to swallow the hefty fees associated with T-1 lines.

Our hosting options make it easy for you to include inbound and outbound calling, TDD, SMS text messaging, and mobile phone applications all running on our safe and secure servers with carrier-grade level security, service and reliability.  VoiceSpin IVR hosting covers automated telephone, mobile phone, and web applications allowing you to automate your business communications.  This leaves you free to focus on strengthening sales and improving revenue while continually collect valuable customer knowledge.