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VoiceSpin Food & Beverage Solution

VoiceSpin advanced communication solution provide a perfect addition to food and beverage organizations seeking to expand their client based, maximize efficiency, reduce overall costs and focus on what they do best – sell more food and beverages!

VoiceSpin has worked with numerous food and beverage companies such as Pizza Hut, Burger Ranch and more in order to help streamline the process of taking in calls, recording customer information and directing calls to the relevant resource. By integrating a smart system that redirects customers to the correct branch through the integration of Smart IVR or voice recognition, in house staff can focus on prepping the food and delivering it without wasting unnecessary time logging orders and transferring calls.

Integration of the VoiceSpin comprehensive food and beverage solution can provide restaurants and food distributors a professional and reliable solution that will upsell revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Virtual call management and automation of navigation systems can provide companies with a simple way to route users to the relevant location; a restaurant with many branches can have a single number where an automated call center will direct clients to the restaurant closet to them. Seamless streamlining of the order management and delivery system can not only improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction, but reduce overhead costs previously wasted on manual labor performing such tasks.

The VoiceSpin system also employs a smart callback system for customers who abandon the queue in order to reduce abandon rate and increase revenue generation. In addition to smart call backs, companies can integrate the VoiceSpin customer satisfaction option and offer customers the chance to participate in polls while waiting which can further enhance overall customer experience and provide valuable insights into the customer needs and demands.
The VoiceSpin smart communication solution for food and beverage companies provides managers with the tools they need in order to streamline branch management through call recording for training and fraud detection purposes, optimization of historical call data, real time management and alerts on abandoned calls.

VoiceSpin can also integrate with existing CRM systems or create real time alerts for online and smartphone orders. The dedicated VoiceSpin team works with each company in order to ensure 100% deployment of the system and seamless integration with any existing systems already in place. VoiceSpin communication solutions are safe and secure with all information undergoing encryption in order to protect companies and their clients. Solutions can be hosted on local servers or private or public clouds depending on the individual needs.