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VoiceSpin for Health & Insurance Providers

Health and insurance providers seeking to enhance customer service, reduce operational costs and improve overall efficiency should consider integrating the VoiceSpin Communication Solution for Healthcare and Insurance providers. The unified communication solution for healthcare organization provides companies with a simpler way to interact with patients while facilitating smooth transition to connect patients to the resource they need. The complex VoiceSpin solutions can rely on existing information and provide automated navigation options to guide patients and reduce unnecessary transfer and wait time.

Many HealthCare companies struggle with the daily administration and management of patient information (such as prescriptions and records). The VoiceSpin healthcare solution can help healthcare companies by providing smart BI solutions to overall efficiency can be improved. The VoiceSpin Healthcare solution also facilitates communication with patients through various mediums such as SMS, chat, email and more. HealthCare companies can also depend on the VoiceSpin smart Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system that can facilitate with billing management as well as record all patient information in an encrypted and secure way.

By integrating the VoiceSpin healthcare solution companies are able to improve overall team coordination and simplify interaction between doctors, specialists, nurses and patients while providing patients with a better overall experience via automation and telecommunication that quickly directs patients to the resource they need. By enhancing the ability to communicate, HealthCare companies can improve their patient experience – especially when it is needed most, such as during times of crisis.

HealthCare companies that provide insurance services can benefit from the comprehensive HealthCare and Insurance solution and create within their company a streamlined process for managing claims, therefore further enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing employee productivity. The VoiceSpin smart communication solution for Insurance, much like the solution for HealthCare, provides enhanced capabilities during peak times and is pre-optimized for scalability. The VoiceSpin communication solution, which can include IP PBX systems, telephony systems, IVR systems, call centers and more, can provide companies with even more ways to engage with clients – even during wait times!

At VoiceSpin we understand that HealthCare and Insurance companies often hold on to private information about clients. With the development of technology comes the added risk of fraud, breaches etc. The VoiceSpin communication system for HealthCare and Insurance companies has high end security services and whether selecting a private or public cloud or integration with an existing service, the VoiceSpin solution provides encryption, heightened security and fraud prevention, thereby ensuring that patient and company information stays within the company. VoiceSpin also works with HealthCare and Insurance companies to ensure 100% satisfaction – that means working with companies through integration and deployment.