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VoiceSpin Government Solutions

Local and Federal governments and municipalities offer residents a wide range of programs and activities and connect with residents in an ongoing manner for everything from tax collection to city hall services and more. That is why, despite ongoing budgetary shrinks and increases in regulations, governments are seeking new ways to meet the demands of residents and provide communities of all sizes with quality services at unprecedented times.

While many municipalities have created comprehensive website that provide self-services, residents often require additional assistance which is seen in numerous transactions through a variety of mediums. In order to continue providing residents with quality communication solutions, many government institutions and municipalities have chosen the VoiceSpin solution to provide residents with a robust and reliable communication solution that they can depend on.
Integration of VoiceSpin solutions for government purposes can facilitate in the inbound and outbound communication while eliminating unnecessary points of access for potential breaches, thus making the overall system more secure and reliable. The VoiceSpin government solution can also facilitate local and state municipalities that need to reduce operational costs by providing a smart Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system for management of voice calls, emails, chats, SMS requests and more all while encrypting and protecting the institutions calls, recordings and data. The VoiceSpin IVR solution can also enhance billing further improving overall resident experience and service level.
The VoiceSpin communication solution includes a cutting edge call center that can facilitate navigation of calls, especially during times of service outages, thereby giving customers the smoothest transition possible.

All government agencies looking to integrate the VoiceSpin solution within their local, state or national institution enjoy the comprehensive VoiceSpin commitment to 100% deployment and 24/7 professional support by experienced and expert communication solution specialists. The VoiceSpin team provides ongoing assistance through deployment and integration to ensure a seamless transition to the new system. The VoiceSpin communication systems adhere to the highest level of security with high end cloud solution that ensures higher accessibility and state of the art safety precautions implemented within the systems.