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VoiceSpin International Sales Call Centers

The VoiceSpin international sales and call center solution provides companies of all sizes the opportunity to enjoy comprehensive inbound and outbound flexible and cutting edge IP based call management solutions. The VoiceSpin International Sales Call Center can be integrated with existing enterprise infrastructures in order to ensure seamless transition and deployment. VoiceSpin can provide call center solutions for companies operating in-house call centers or provide out-of-house services for companies seeking a more comprehensive solution.
The VoiceSpin call center solution provides companies with automation and revenue generation capabilities by improving employee productivity and facilitating streamline of customer calls to the relevant resources. By ensuring an automated and streamlined way for customers to reach the resource they want, companies can dedicate less manpower to tasks that can be automated and focus on converting calls directly to sales, thereby increasing revenue while simultaneously reducing costs (win-win!).

Integration of an international call center can provide companies seeking to scale up the possibility of virtual expansion without the added costs of opening international branches. While each company has its individual needs, the overall needs of international sales call centers is to provide employees with the optimal condition necessary to close deals. The VoiceSpin call center solution for international sales teams ensures that the automation of calls not only directs potential customers to the most relevant resource to finalize the transaction, but ensures that when the potential customers reach their relevant resource, the call is secure and the sound is of superior quality – no matter how remote the location of the agent or the potential customer.

The VoiceSpin International Sales Call Center solution can be seamlessly integrated with other VoiceSpin solutions in order to facilitate transition from various company branches, such as customer service or billing, and ensure all interactions are recorded in a safe and secure way.

VoiceSpin has a successful track record of large scale deployments of international call centers with several small and large companies such as Leumi Card, Any Option, Clalit and more.
The international sales call center developed by VoiceSpin is a Linux Based solution that is open sourced which reduces integration costs and ensures that a complete communication solution for international call centers can be designed and deployed within just a few days.

The VoiceSpin call center can operate on a local, private or public cloud and the VoiceSpin systems ensure calls, data and company records are encrypted and secure to ensure no breaches or frauds take place that can impact a company’s ability to effectively transform leads to sales. VoiceSpin experts work with companies to ensure the successful deployment and provide 24/7 tech support if needed.