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Cloud Computing Infrastructure  

Cloud Computing is a safe alternative to heavy hardware that delivers information through internet protocols. Cloud computing is a reliable storage alternative that can drive acceleration of business and improved customer service. Cloud storage and computing can be integrated in small and large companies and VoiceSpin has a private cloud computiung infrastructure on which the range of VoiceSpin communication solutions can be integrated. Through the integration of cloud computing, companies can enjoy the benefit of large storage and servers at their disposal without requiring hardware on site.

The VoiceSpin Cloud Computing Infrastructure provides companies of all sizes the ability to drive revenue and reduce overhead spending without sacrificing quality, accessibility and safety. VoiceSpin offers private cloud service where communication solutions can be securely hosted. Companies with existing storage on public clouds or in house VMWare can also enjoy the range of VoiceSpin services with integration on their selected cloud computing solution.

The VoiceSpin Cloud Computing Infrastructure provides companies with a remote computing option that is scalable, dynamic and safe. By deploying the cutting edge VoiceSpin communication solutions on the VoiceSpin cloud, you can improve your customers overall experience, reduce operating costs and achieve objectives without loss of quality, security or reliability. VoiceSpin services, such as the call center, IP PBX, Call recording services and more can all be seamlessly integrated and professionally deployed on our secure private cloud or on any existing cloud infrastructure with your company.  The wide range of telephony solutions offered by VoicceSpin can also be seamlessly integrated on a cloud server eith the added benefit of VoiceSpin security.

Whether choosing hybrid, public or the VoiceSpin cloud service infrastructure, your end result will be a safe and secure alternative to hardware that is restorable, protected, reliable and scalable. Read more about the types of cloud computing options here.