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Availability and Scalability 

The VoiceSpin Private and secure cloud infrastructure offers companies of all sizes a simple and secure way to store information with a built-in scalability option designed to suit your company every step of the way.

Our professional and expert team has unparalleled experience deploying and implementing virtual solutions.

We recommend integration and deployment of communication solutions on our dedicated private cloud infrastructure in order to ensure the highest levels of availability, survivability and security.


The VoiceSpin Cloud ensures that calls are delivered without delay, sound quality is never compromised and service is always available. Our cutting edge and robust cloud architecture will offer customers a 99.99% availability rate designed to ensure continuous company operation across all platforms and with all communication solutions.

The VoiceSpin private cloud infrastructure can be used as the computing storage solution for all our telephony and communication solutions and can be easily accessed by management via web services, thereby enhancing the availability with maximum flexibility.


As a leading provider of communication solutions, we work with small, medium and large companies from a wide range of industries in order to provide high end communication solutions. Many of our clients started out as a small companies and throughout the years grew to medium and large scale companies with growing communication and cloud computing needs. That’s why our private cloud is the optimal solution for companies that are anticipating growth, have achieved growth, or are simply setting up the groundwork for maximum scalability and expansion possibility.

The VoiceSpin cloud infrastructure offers unlimited scalability and optimal expansion capabilities, making it the perfect solution for companies that currently have or will have multiple branches and/or extensions.

Another major advantage of the private VoiceSpin cloud infrastructure is that payment is based on use and not a costly general fee. This means reduced costs for maximum service and increased ROI.