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Cloud Computing Options

Various cloud storage options exist for companies seeking to integrate the VoiceSpin communication solutions on cloud servers. We recommend deploying the selected communication solution that is right for your company on our dedicated VoiceSpin cloud in order to ensure maximum safety, functionality and scalability.

The VoiceSpin Private cloud functions as a community cloud for clients interested in having communication solutions stored on a cloud that is optimized with the necessary features for contact centers, IP PBX’s and more. The VoiceSpin Cloud Computing Infrastructure offers the benefits of a private cloud in terms of security, a public cloud in terms of pricing and a community cloud in terms of features and capabilities.

The VoiceSpin cloud infrastructure provides cloud services for our range of cloud products in a scalable, robust and seucre way.

VoiceSpin communication solutions can be deployed as a hybrid model on the VoiceSpin private cloud as well as on companies existing cloud solution.

Other types of deployment options for cloud computing services include:

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud

Public clouds are the most common cloud computing options available. This option, which is the purest form of cloud hosting, is structured in a way that a wide variety of services and infrastructure is available to a wide range of companies. The most common public cloud options used are Google and Amazon, and VoiceSpin communication solutions can be easily integrated on any of the public cloud options available.

Public cloud computing is often the most cost efficient one due to the “pay-per-use” model utilized. Public cloud servers can be great for companies looking to reduce capital expenditure and overall IT costs while ensuring optimal cloud server when needed. The structure of public clouds provisions resources to companies based on the required quantities, therefore making it a great solution for companies that have large peaks in cloud usage.

The VoiceSpin cloud solution offers competitive pricing to public cloud offerings while still maintaining the benefits of a private cloud.

Private Cloud 

The Private cloud option offers many of the same services and capabilities of the public cloud computing storage with the benefit of optimization and customization to a company’s particular needs or services. Private cloud service can exist within the company headquarters or reside in a datacenter. The main advantage of private cloud computing is the complete control and management options of the cloud server.

Enterprises seeking to utilize private cloud options can benefit from full control of all corporate data and complete management of security, system performance and services offered by the cloud. The downside to private clouds is the fact that they are simply not as large-scale as public cloud offerings.

Companies wishing to have the benefits of private cloud without the added cost should consider the VoiceSpin private cloud infrastructure.

Community Cloud 

A community cloud is a unique cloud computing service that suits companies that exist in a larger industry. With community clouds companies can share the cloud services, making it like a public cloud, however the cloud is shared by companies that have similar service requirements.

That means companies that are in the food industry for example may share a community cloud with other restaurants, supermarkets or food providers since they all have similar service needs of the cloud. The services of a community cloud are customized and optimized much like a private cloud yet can be used to store information for multiple companies.

The VoiceSpin private cloud infrastructure can serve as a community cloud due to the enhanced capabilities that are optimized for the various communication solutions provided by VoiceSpin while providing customers with the added benefit of a private and secure cloud for all communication solution services.

Hybrid Cloud 

Don’t know which cloud service to choose? No problem. The VoiceSpin cloud computing storage option includes a hybrid cloud service deployment model than integrates the services of the VoiceSpin private cloud with the existing cloud solution of your copmany. With the hybrid model, companies can seamlessly integrate new communication solutions without damaging existing infrastructure.

The hybrid cloud computing solutions is beneficial for businesses that want the security and service management of private hosting with the reduced (or shared) costs of public cloud hosting. Hybrid cloud solutions are great for companies that want private control but also wan the security of having additional cloud space available for peaks when additional storage is required. Transition between the public and private cloud is done seamlessly with no difference in service levels to the customer or companies themselves.