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Why Use the VoiceSpin Cloud  

VoiceSpin offers companies the option of using the private and secure VoiceSpin cloud server in order to host the wide range of communication solutions such as the VoiceSpin Contact Center, IVR, IP PBX and more.  Cloud computing storage enables a secure way to store company information without the added hassle of complex systems, pricey hardware and software, or maintenance and upgrade costs. The VoiceSpin Cloud Service eliminates those hassles while reducing overall costs and ensuring cutting edge services and technology at all times.

The VoiceSpin Cloud offers companies the chance to store information in a remote and secure database, thereby reducing the costs of data storage and ensuring optimized safety and security conditions for your company information. VoiceSpin Cloud Infrastructure can be set up quickly and securely to ensure easy transition and maximum scalability and safety.

Integration of VoiceSpin Cloud Infrastructure provides companies with the ability to deliver multi-channel campaigns designed for revenue maximization while reducing the rate of wasted time, thereby reducing call wait time and increasing overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

With the VoiceSpin Cloud Infrastructure, companies can enjoy the comprehensive VoiceSpin communication solutions with integration on a cloud that is dedicated to the VoiceSpin line of services. The VoiceSpin cloud has a simple to use web controlled interface that ensures maximum availability and security. The simple web control option optimizes management tools and provides flexible management solutions with global access and connection.

Companies with multiple branches or extensions will enjoy the functionality and simplicity of the private VoiceSpin cloud and will be able to provide a stronger inter-company connection as well as enhance overall company efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The VoiceSpin secured and private cloud offers maximum scalability options for companies and is an optimal solution for companies that might be expanding in the future or large companies that want the flexibility of having additional storage available for peak events.

The VoiceSpin private cloud is optimized for the needs of the VoiceSpin communication solutions and offers enhanced features that improve overall services.  The large availability and storage on the VoiceSpin server ensures virtually unlimited scalability and the highest level of survivability options for companies.