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VoIP telephony for business has been gaining popularity over the years and is quickly becoming the norm, from small businesses through to enterprise level corporations. Like email, VoIP works by sending the call over the Internet as data. This service dramatically lowers your communication costs. By being able to provide useful features, capabilities and integration into your other business systems, VoIP telephony also dramatically increases productivity.

Increase Your Phone System’s Flexibility

VoIP gives you more flexibility when managing your company’s phone systems. Companies using VoIP telephony can access their phone system anywhere with a broadband Internet connection. VoIP doesn’t limit you to the use of a physical phone – employees can also send and receive calls using a headset connected to a computer. VoIP services also offer voicemail and fax capabilities, which can be accessed and executed through a computer. All messages are stored in one place and can be easily archived. VoiceSpin also offers cloud-hosting options for easier management and cost-effective storage.

Business of all size can benefit form having both voice and data on a single IP network including real-time, high-quality, affordable videoconferencing, call center applications, and more. Regardless of your business size, VoIP is the most flexible and affordable technology available today that will give your business the most sophisticated communication tools to streamline operations and drive costs down.

Benefits of Asterisk-Based VoIP System

For years, businesses have been turning to Asterisk-based system for its various advantages. Asterisk telephony systems are fully VoIP compatible. Therefore eliminating the need for costly traditional PBX solutions. This is why many smaller-sized companies choose an Asterisk-based VoIP system as it offers them the benefits of a corporate PBX but without the high costs.

Asterisk is an open sourced PBX application and is fully interoperable with most modern operating platforms. It is extremely cost effective as compared to other PBX systems but can match these costly options in terms of features and functionality. Asterisk-based VoIP communication systems use an existing broadband Internet connection to leverage the corporate telephony network. Asterisk-based systems allow for a large variety of VoIP protocols, and offers the option to interface with conventional telephone lines making VoiceSpin one of the most flexible solutions for IT managers.