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VoiceSpin’s VoIP telecommunications solutions for business not only drive down costs and offer more flexibility; they help to dramatically improve operational efficiency.

Increased Mobility

VoiceSpin’s system improves business productivity by giving employees the ability to take incoming calls and make outgoing calls wherever they have broadband Internet access. By not being limited to a physical office, employees can now work as they usually do when they’re travelling on business or even at home. Just as your employees can access your business telephone infrastructure on-the-go, customers can reach your employees more easily, helping to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

Integrated Real-Time Communication Service

Let your customer reach you on the communication medium that’s most convenient for them! With VoiceSpin’s business telecommunications systems, you are not limited to only needing a phone to communicate. VoIP lets you stay in contact with employees and customers in a variety of ways and VoiceSpin let’s you integrate these communication services. Instant messaging, videoconferencing are just some of the examples available in this integrated communications mix. Affording your organization with better, faster and more relevant communications. Now, you can stay in contact with more people in more ways – increasing availability, efficiency and productivity.

Integration to Other Key Business Systems

VoiceSpin’s VoIP telephony system offers integration to other business systems that are vital to the productivity of your business. For example, VoiceSpin’s CRM integration merges your phone’s capabilities with the vital information stored in your CRM. Identify incoming phone calls from customers with important data and enable your agents to provide a more relevant and personalized service to your customers. When a call comes in, the agent receives the information immediately on their desktop with the complete outline of the customer’s call history, previous conversations, and any notes recorded by others that the customer has corresponded with in the past.